Dear Candidate, your application has been shortlisted for the role of Recruitment Specialist. In order to further assess your profile kindly complete the online pre-hire assessment test sent to your email. If you haven’t received the email, please inform us by sending an email to and we shall resend the assessment to you.

Please read more about the Pre-hire assessment test in the FAQ below in order to prepare adequately.


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What is the Pre-hire Assessment test?

The Pre-hire Assessment test is used to evaluate how well you are suited for this position at Scent Strategy.

Please read the following details

Time Duration: 30 mins (including input of personal details & CV upload)

Documentation preparation: Keep your latest CV handy before starting the test to upload it once the test starts.

Test type: Multiple choice objective questions need to be answered after reading real-world scenarios (typically 1-3 paragraphs). You are required to select your choice of most likely & least likely response/ approach to each scenario..

Score: There are no negative marks. All answers are valid approaches and the weight is given to the answers depends on the job position.

What are the roles and responsibilities?

You can find detailed job descriptions here.

Whom will this role report to?

This role reports to the Managing Director.

Can I know more about Scent Strategy and its clients?
SCENT STRATEGY is a B2B fragrance company that provides interior fragrance service to enhance your brand experience, create an emotional & long-lasting memorable experience of your brand. 

We also create private label fragrance products for brands & celebrities.

- Interior fragrance service 
- Private Label of fragrance products 
What is the compensation package on offer?
We provide a competitive salary package which will be communicated at the appropriate stage.

What is the hiring process?
Our Hiring Process is divided into 6 stages as explained below
CVs are matched with the job requirements and only shortlisted candidates move to the next stage

Pre-hire assessments
 Shortlisted candidates are contacted via SMS (sent via AD-800Scent) and an email ( with the link to take the pre-hire assessment test. 

We conduct online pre-hire assessment to evaluate a combination of real world scenarios, aptitude, behavioral competencies, skills, and knowledge of candidates.

Requirement - Laptop/ Computer, Internet connection, calculator, 2 hours of your time (it’s a time based assessment and needs to be completed in a single attempt)
Interview-1st Round
If your skills and experience appear to align with those of the position, our HR will contact you to schedule your face-to-face interview with the Managing Director
Interview-2nd roundCandidates shortlisted by the Hiring Manager will be invited in our office for a face-to-face interview with our Managing Director
Out of the finalists, most fitting candidates will be selected and moved to the offer stage.
Once you’ve been selected for a position, our HR will contact you and make a verbal offer. This conversation will be then followed by a written offer letter.
 WelcomeOur hiring process is not finished just yet! It is important that you quickly become a part of your new team. We have an extensive onboarding program to make sure that you can make a difference from day one. Your career at Scent Strategy has just begun, and we look forward to seeing you grow with us
What are the working hours?

Our working hours are from 8 am to 5:30 pm UAE Time, Sunday to Thursday. 

If you have a question that you can’t find above please write an email to