We make your brand smell amazing

An award winning interior scenting company trusted by leading brands. 

We are grateful to work with incredible clients

Scent connects with customers at an emotional level
"Our stores foot-fall counter showed customers stay longer when the stores were scented. 
The longer they stay & engage increases our sales conversion rate"

- A study done by a luxury watch brand

Premium managed scenting service offered to :

Hotels | Retailers | Malls | Real Estate | Spas | Restaurants | Offices | Government Buildings | Commercial Locations


Scent diffuser not visible

We implement industry best practices & install scent diffusers above ceiling to connect with AC system

Managed services

Immediate service provided by remotely connecting to our smart scent diffusers without using your internet or disturbing your operation

Complex installations

We specialise in handling complex installations like less air flow, difficult to reach spots, avoid liquid spill in AC ducts, clogging, etc

Customer first

Several internal processes ensure exceptional customer experience. We have an obsessive customer focus approach

Frustrated with current supplier ? 
‚ÄčUpgrade to Scent Strategy

The smell is either too strong or too mild. Scent machine kept on floor or wall instead of above the ceiling. Service never done on time, etc.. We understand your situation since most of our customers have had a previous supplier. 

Scent Strategy will help you smoothly upgrade without any down time & will also provide you the same fragrance (in case, you prefer to keep the same smell). Our customer first approach removes your stress.