How Do Scents Motivate Customers?

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Businesses at the forefront of their industries utilize sensory marketing techniques to sway their consumers and guide them towards sales. The aspect of scent, in particular, is an unavoidable facet of the human experience. When walking into a bakery or coffee shop, you can smell the product sold th...

The Psychology of Scent Marketing: When your nose does your thinking for you

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Think back to your most recent shopping trip. Perhaps you bought your groceries from the local supermarket, and perhaps you weren’t shopping for pastries or bread. Whether you intended to be there or not, it’s likely you found yourself near the bakery section, and the enticing scent of freshly baked...

Top 10 Applications of Sensory Marketing

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Top 10 Applications of Sensory Marketing

Studies disagree on the exact number of senses that humans have, with some suggesting that the number may go all the way up to 20. Nonetheless, there are five widely recognizable senses which play an important role in sensory marketing, namely sight, scent, sound, taste and touch. In this artic...

Five Scents And Their Applications

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Five Scents And Their Applications

While the human brain has 40million different olfactory receptor neurons which can be triggered by different scents, and we are able to distinguish around 10,000 different kinds of odours, it is likely that most of us group smells into broad categories. In fact, a US study carried out in 2013 sugges...